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The “Walk in the Clouds” viewpoint gives visitors views over the Trent and Erewash Valleys and on a clear day you can see to Crich Stand, nearly 14 miles away.

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Parking on public roads at Cloudside Road and Church Drive.


Not available.


Access is via footpath from Church Drive, Cloudside Road and Ilkestone Road. View on map

‘Clouds’ may refer to the profile of the hill from a distance or it may come from ‘clud’, a Saxon word that means ‘hill’. Both are relevant to this escarpment that juts up above Sandiacre and gives far reaching views (on a clear day) of Erewash and its fields and villages.

You have plenty of options at Stoney Clouds; simply walk to the top and enjoy the view, or continue down to the Erewash canal and extend your walk up to Stanton Gate. Dale Abbey is less than 4 miles away and can be reached by public footpath or road, where you can see the old hermit’s cave built into the rock face and the Abbey ruin.

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